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On behalf of the more than one thousand alumni and active members of the Theta Chi Fraternity at Syracuse University, I am pleased to welcome you to the chapter house.

Enclosed please find a copy of the chapter house lease agreement, emergency contact form, anti-harassment form and a Syracuse University Fraternity billing agreement. The current versions of these documents will be sent with you invoice and needs to be read and filled out completely before the undergraduate member can move into the chapter house. Signed billing agreements, security deposits, outstanding balances and leases must be returned to the Alumni Corporation no later than date specified on the invoice (usually August, 1st.) If we do not receive these papers by July 1st, your son will not be allowed to move into the chapter house until the papers are received.

House Fees are all inclusive and provide for a variety of services. The services include and are not limited to housing, meals, utilities, and associated municipal, state and federal charges. Internet and Cable is also provided in each room (via Time Warner Cable). There will not be any need for your son to order these services as they are covered by the housing fees. The enclosed agreements cover room and board costs only. Social Dues are established by the active chapter and are not administered by the Alumni Corporation. Although, each member owes insurance fees to the National chapter that may or may not be collected by the Alumni Corporation. The fee as of (2014) is around $165.

The costs of fraternity membership remain very reasonable, due in part to men pooling their funds for economical purchases of living accommodations, and social activities. Because of this, we are able to offer a housing and meal program that represents a “significant” cost savings compared to University housing (i.e. single rooms, 7 day meal plan.) While we are pleased to offer you this comparative savings, please note that the possibility of a rent increase for spring semester remains possible. If the Alumni Corporation decides a rent increase is necessary, please be assured this increase will not be more than $250.00.

For those of you who are new to the fraternity, house bills are typically issued prior to the beginning of each semester. The amount due may be paid in full or divided into three equal installments. For the fall semester, the first installment is due July 1st and becomes delinquent July 10th, the second is due August 1st, and delinquent in 10 days, and the third is due September 1st, and delinquent in 10 days. Members who have not made payments by the due dates may be placed on a University financial hold. Members placed on financial hold may be prohibited from course registration, commencement activities and obtaining a transcript.

A parent or Guarantor's signature is required on the lease agreement. As the lease is a legal and binding document, it is strongly suggested that the member and guarantor signatures be notarized.

A security deposit is not collected. This is another benefit to a student’s family. Alternatively, damages caused by your student will be charged directly by the chapter house. The Alumni Corporation’s house manager will determine the cost for time and materials which your student will pay. Only the house manager is permitted to make/coordinate repairs. This is an honor system and the chapter has a process that is internally administered. All members are responsible for the wellbeing of the Fraternity’s physical plant as tenants. Upon graduation they will appreciate this tradition of respect for the house.

Personal items may not be left in any of the bedrooms at the end of the school year, even if a student is returning the following school year. Tenants may, at their own risk, leave personal items in storage bins labeled with their names or like code, in a designated area of the house, but this is not recommended. Please note that the Alumni Corporation is not responsible or liable for any personal items left in the chapter house at any time throughout the calendar year.

All past due balances with the Alumni corporation must be resolved prior to the member moving in.

If not paying online, checks should be made out to Theta Chi - Alpha Chi Alumni Corporation and mailed to:

Theta Chi C/O Kelly Paul
56 Georgetown Chesterfield Rd.
Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Leases will be forwarded to the corporation attorney, Mr. Frank Hunt of Syracuse, New York for review and records keeping. Security payments should be mailed to the corporation accountant " Theta Chi, C/O Kelly Paul 56 Georgetown Chesterfield Rd., Chesterfield, NJ 08515.

There are no exceptions to the standing lease agreement. You are free to find housing outside of the chapter house if you do not agree to the terms.

This is a school-year lease. It begins in August and ends in May. If the tenant chooses to leave the premises in the spring semester, for any reason, a 25% early termination fee will be charged.

If the tenant is going abroad in the spring semester, a written letter accompanied with documentation of studying abroad must be sent to Kelly Paul, no later than October 31st.

The housing fees for this lease include the meal plan. If the tenant is living in, they will be on meal plan, no exceptions. Our food provider is accommodating with food requests. All request must be coordinated with the chapter house executive board member. If there is any unresolved problem with the food or meal plan, please contact the Alumni Corporation as soon as they arise, so that we can help solve the problem in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about billing or finances, please contact our accountant, Kelly Paul 56 Georgetown Chesterfield Rd., Chesterfield, NJ 08515.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the Theta Chi Fraternity at Syracuse University. We are looking forward to another successful semester, and appreciate all of your help.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Parents of Theta Chi Brothers
Theta Chi Fraternity, 711 Comstock Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210